House Democrats Begin Hiring Legal Teams to Take on Trump

In just six days, President Trump will be in for quite a change, the US House of Representatives will be controlled by an opposing party, the Democratic Party, meaning that all committees within the House will be chaired by Democrats.

For the last two years we’ve had people like Devin Nunes, Bob Goodlatte and Trey Gowdy deciding who and what to investigate, but in six days, key Democrats like Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler will take over the reigns of their respective committees.  It is also a certainty that the new Democratic leadership will open multiple investigations, not only into the president’s conduct before and during his campaign, but also into a whole host of other issues related to White House decision making.  And it appears as if they have already begun hiring lawyers and staff to prepare for the upcoming legal tsunami that will soon hit the president from all directions.

According to a new report from CNN, the House Judiciary Committee has a job posting which seeks legislative counsels with a variety of expertise in: “criminal law, immigration law, constitutional law, intellectual property law, commercial and administrative law (including antitrust and bankruptcy), or oversight work.”

CNN is also reporting that the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has posted job offerings for “executive branch investigative counsel.”

Democrats in the House are expected to double their staff just to handle what could eventually be dozens of investigations into the president and the White House, which they feel Republicans intentionally overlooked.  The president and his counsel will apparently be very busy for the next two years at a time when they’d like to be concentrating on policy initiatives in order to help with a re-election campaign.

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