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House Democrats Are Fed Up With Arizona’s ‘Bogus’ Election Audit

House Democrats Are Fed Up With Arizona’s ‘Bogus’ Election Audit

The Arizona audit of the 2020 election is not going well. Proving the “big lie” – that the contest was stolen from former President Donald Trump – is impossible. On Sunday, Democrats on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform who know that the GOP-led Arizona audit is “dubious” sent a sternly-worded letter to Cyber Ninjas demanding an explanation as to why the company has “refused to comply with the Committee’s requests and instead raised a litany of unjustified objections in an apparent effort to avoid producing documents that the Committee needs to investigate the company’s conduct.”

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Making matters worse, on Monday, it was revealed that the Cyber Ninjas team – including its CEO Douglas Logan – had contracted COVID-19 on the same day it was supposed to submit its findings to the United States Senate Judiciary Committee.

Representatives Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Jamie Raskin (D-MD) noted that their “concerns stemmed from Cyber Ninjas apparent lack of experience in conducting election-related audits, constant reports that the company engaged in sloppy and insecure audit practices that compromised the integrity of ballots and voting equipment, and evidence that you and several individuals funding the audit have not displayed impartiality, but rather sought to promote the ‘big lie’ of debunked election fraud allegations in the November 2020 presidential election. In light of these serious concerns, the Committee requested documents and communications related to Cyber Ninjas’ audit procedures, funding sources, and related issues.”

Maloney and Raskin added that Congress “is investigating the extent to which your company’s actions have undermined the integrity of federal elections and interfered with Americans’ constitutional right to cast their ballots freely and to have their votes counted without partisan interference. The documents and communications requested in our July 14, 2021, letter are vital to the Committee’s assessment of the need for federal legislative reforms to ensure that the right to vote is protected before, during, and after an election, and that third parties do not interfere with this right.”

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Maloney and Raskin are giving Cyber Ninas until August 27th to prove that their audit is more than a political phishing expedition designed to erode the American democratic process.

“If your company, which purports to be acting in a lawful manner pursuing the public interest, continues to obstruct the Committee’s investigation, the Committee will be forced to consider other steps to obtain compliance,” the letter warned Cyber Ninjas.

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