House Democrat Harassed by GOP Aide for Wearing a Mask

Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) was accosted on Friday afternoon by an aide to Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) in yet another example of the immature and unprofessional behavior espoused by the controversial lawmaker and her goons.

Photo by AL DRAGO/POOL/AFP/Getty Images

Swalwell was wearing a mask as he left the floor in the House of Representatives when Nick Dyer, one of Greene’s cheerleaders, mocked Swalwell for donning a face covering.

Even though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Thursday that vaccinated individuals can forgo wearing masks in most indoor and outdoor settings, some people still prefer to wear them. This is true within the halls of Congress, where less than half of the House Republican caucus has received inoculations against COVID-19.

Friday’s incident – which further demonstrated that there is simply no pleasing right-wing rabble-rousers – was witnessed and reported by Scott Wong, a senior staff writer for The Hill, who posted what he saw on Twitter.

“Another verbal altercation just happened in the House: MTG’s spokesman Nick Dyer told @RepSwalwell: ‘Biden says you can take off your mask.’ Swalwell confronted Dyer, got in his face and according to Dyer, said: ‘You don’t tell me what to f*cking do!'” Wong tweeted, adding that he ‘saw the altercation but was not close enough to hear Swalwell.'”

Swalwell, however, chose to fight back, explaining in a tweet that bullying is unacceptable and that he wishes he had made a bigger scene.

“I had a mask on as I stepped off the Floor. An aide with @mtgreenee yelled at me to take my mask off. No one should be bullied for wearing a mask. So I told the bully what I thought of his order. Predictably, he went speechless. I regret I wasn’t more explicit,” the Congressman recalled.

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