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House Committee To Vote On Holding William Barr In Contempt Of Congress

House Committee To Vote On Holding William Barr In Contempt Of Congress

Democrats are reportedly moving forward with contempt proceedings against Attorney General William Barr for his failure to procure documents related to the Russia investigation conducted by special counsel Robert Mueller.

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The attorney general has missed a deadline set by the House Judiciary Committee to turn over the full, unredacted Mueller report to them, including underlying evidence supporting special counsel Robert Mueller’s findings in the report, which examined allegations of coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia, as well as detailing possible instances of obstruction of justice by the president.

It’s the second time Barr has missed a deadline set by the committee, per reporting from Al Jazeera.

In response to the missed deadline, the Judiciary Committee set a vote for contempt charges against Barr for Wednesday, May 8, at 10 a.m.

Per reporting from CNN, the text of the Judiciary Committee’s resolution finding Barr in contempt details how “the Committee has sought to obtain from Attorney General William Barr and the Department of Justice a complete unredacted copy [of the Mueller report].”

Barr has “failed to comply with the Committee’s request for these documents and thereby has hindered the Committee’s constitutional, oversight, and legislative functions,” the text of the contempt resolution added.

If the Judiciary Committee finds Barr in contempt of Congress, it would likely be challenged in the courts by the Trump administration. If ultimately the judicial branch agrees with the committee’s decision, however, it could result in severe punishments for Barr — including large fines or even jail time, according to reporting from Business Insider.

Criticisms against Barr were renewed this past week after it was revealed that a four-page summary he sent to Congress in late March, detailing aspects of Mueller’s report before the redacted version was made public, included conclusions by the attorney general that Mueller himself objected to, according to reporting from the Washington Post. Barr had previously said Mueller had no objections to his primary findings.

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