Hotel Cancels Josh Hawley Fundraiser After Election Objection

Senator Josh Hawley, among others, is reaping the fruits of the dissension he’s sown in his short time in Congress. Now a hotel has decided not to host a fundraiser he had planned for next month.

Josh Hawley fundraiser cancelled
[Photo by Stefani Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images]

After the Capitol was attacked by a mob of people who believed the false narrative that the election results were falsified, many in Congress decided not to go through with objections to the electoral vote, which would not change the election outcome but affirm those false beliefs. Hawley, however, was unswayed, and the effect of his objection was only to delay the certification, not stop it.

However, for Hawley personally, there was an effect that may have been unexpected. According to NBC, he’s “become a pariah” on the hill, with important backers saying that supporting him was a mistake, and donors calling for censure.

He’s been called to resign, and a publisher canceled his book contract.

Now it appears his decision will also interfere with his fundraising. The Orlando Sentinel reports that Universal Orlando and Loew’s Portofino Bay Hotel were ‘taking heat‘ for hosting a fundraiser for a Hawley-affiliated PAC, Fighting for Missouri. The event was scheduled for the second weekend of February, and advertised as a family event, charging $5k for a family group of up to four to attend.

However, the hotel chain has backed out of the deal, saying they’re “horrified and opposed to the events at the Capitol” and that they won’t be hosting Hawley’s fundraiser.

Hawley, who claimed that his publisher cancelling a contract was somehow a violation of First Amendment rights (which do not, Constitutionally, require a publisher to give any particular individual a platform) has not yet offered any public comment on the cancelled event.

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