Hospitals Beg For Coronavirus Help But Trump Won’t Even Meet With Them

Hospitals around the nation are begging for help with containing the coronavirus pandemic, but President Donald Trump won’t even meet with the administrators.


Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Seema Verma says that the Administration is sending help for the pandemic in short order,  but Trump himself has remained aloof, all the while assuring the public that all is well. Administrators from hospitals around the nation, however, say that the regulations that are in place are not quelling the crisis, though.

A report from Politico on the situation states:

“Hospital leaders say that the new announcements only touch the surface of their needs, as they worry about shortages of crucial supplies, risks to their workers and the possibility of an industry bailout as coronavirus patients swarm their facilities,. An expert on an American Hospital Association webinar last month predicted as many as 1.9 million ICU admissions from the coronavirus outbreak over the next few months, swamping existing facilities. There are only about 100,000 ICU beds across the U.S. health system.”

Chip Kahn of the Federation of American hospitals says of the dire situation, “I think there will be hospitals that could be pushed to the edge financially.”

The aforementioned report, put out by Politico, warns, “Some hospital leaders have quietly floated that they’ll need federal funding to pay for rented hotels or other arrangements as their hospital wards are quickly overrun by the coronavirus outbreak.”

They went ahead to add:

“The risk of failure is severe: Public health experts have warned that the U.S. coronavirus outbreak, which is in its early days, could be on track to resemble the increasingly dire situation in Italy, where patients have overwhelmed that nation’s health system. That’s left hospitals calling for extreme measures from the White House and scrambling to prepare emergency steps of their own while they wait for a response.”

In other words, the White  House and the Trump administration writ large is financially and medically unprepared to deal with this outbreak. There are hardly enough beds, test kits, ICU centers, and other facilities and resources to contain the outbreak.

The public is hardly prepared to deal with any of it, and Trump has remained distant, more worried about the residual effects on other parts of the American infrastructure that will affect his approval ratings and re-election chances.

Any other president would be worried about the health of the American public. Instead, Trump is only worried about himself, all at the cost of American and global lives. The least he could do is meet with hospital staff and health administrators to save the lives he is charged with protecting.

Featured image credit: gcasasola/pxhere

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