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“Hope You Didn’t Watch ‘Full House'” John Stamos Hits Republican Candidate’s ‘Values’

“Hope You Didn’t Watch ‘Full House'” John Stamos Hits Republican Candidate’s ‘Values’

Omar Navarro is running for Representative Maxine Waters’ (D-CA) Congressional seat — again. He’s also apparently watching Disney films and getting really upset about them — to the extent that he says his childhood has been ruined, at age 32. John Stamos, who among other things starred in one of the sitcoms often held up as the epitome of family values and wholesomeness, isn’t taking it.

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If you didn’t know, the new Cruella movie features an apparently gay character. According to AV Club, Artie, played by John McCrea, the character is somewhat flamboyant in dress, and reads as gay, but he’s not exactly being shown holding hands with a partner or marrying a prince or anything.

Still, apparently even that representation was too much for Navarro, who tweeted to bemoan that witnessing the character’s mere existence in the movie has “ruined [his] childhood” and was an example of Disney shoving unwanted ideologies down throats.

It might have been a mistake — responses on Twitter show that a lot of people had no idea who he was, or his history, until the tweet led them to do a search and learn about things in Navarro’s past like stalking charges in 2019 or resigning from the Torrance Traffic Commission after being caught on video pepper-spraying kids.

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Well, with all of this, the tweet made it to John Stamos, who as mentioned spent nearly a decade portraying Uncle Jesse, one of three father figures in a household otherwise populated by young girls.

Notably, this will be Navarro’s third run against Maxine Waters, and according to Ballotpedia he hasn’t fared well so far, taking about 24% of the vote to her 76% in 2016, and falling farther behind in the two subsequent races, losing spectacularly with less than 11% of the vote in 2020.

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