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Homophobic ‘Prophet’ Dreams of Releasing Demons From ‘Inside the Homosexual’

Homophobic ‘Prophet’ Dreams of Releasing Demons From ‘Inside the Homosexual’

The right-wing false prophet and outspoken homophobe Robin Bullock claimed during an especially creepy “Eleventh Hour” church sermon on Tuesday that homosexuality and its “lifestyle” are actually symptoms of evil spirits holding the souls of would-be evangelists hostage – and that his role is to force the demons to “come out of that tomb” in the name of Jesus Christ.


First, Bullock professed his desire – nay, his destiny – to personally yank men’s most intimate desires from the deepest depths of their beings.

“And I’m going to tell you something and I want everybody to take heed. This is what I’ve heard from the Lord. Homosexuality is a cover-up for an evangelist. People that are in that lifestyle are really called evangelists by the Lord, and this is a spirit that attacks that to stop it,” Bullock proclaimed.

“So, instead of just praying a lot of things right here, what I’m led to do is to call forth the gift of evangelism that God has placed on their lives, to come forth and it will drive that other out,” he continued.

Bullock then revealed that he fantasizes about gay bondage and scenarios involving men who are seeking release while inside of other men.

“So right now I call for the gift of evangelism, that call from God that those that are bound up in homosexuality, that the evangelist anointing will come upon their lives because that’s what they are,” Bullock said. “And we say to the evangelist inside the homosexual, ‘Come forth, come out of that tomb, and come forth in Jesus’ name.'”

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Note the pasty crew behind Bullock quivering with excitement.

Watch below via RightWingWatch:

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