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Hometown Newspaper Again Shreds Elise Stefanik

Hometown Newspaper Again Shreds Elise Stefanik

Elise Stefanik, first elected to New York’s 21st district in 2014, was long thought of as a moderate Republican. That all ended during the House Intelligence hearings where she fiercely defended the President. This performance led Trump tweeting that Stefanik was a “new Republican star.”

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It seems, however, that many constituents in Stefanik’s district preferred when she was a more moderate lawmaker. Last week, the congresswoman was blasted by The Post Star, her hometown newspaper. The periodical was at is again this week, claiming Stefanik was never a great fit for their district.

Last week, the paper’s editorial board wrote of Stefanik, “She parrots the Trump line on Fox News and lets her attack-dog spokesman argue with reporters on Twitter. If her integrity has been sacrificed, that isn’t worth a shrug. She calls for the whistleblower to be outed and avoids talking about the way Trump held military aid to Ukraine hostage to his demand for an investigation of Joe Biden.”

On Wednesday, Post Star writer Ken Tingley lamented that the paper had endorsed Stefanik back in 2014. He wrote, “What we are seeing now is a tired repeat of Washington politics that has nothing to do with us here in upstate New York.It has nothing to do with new ideas or a new generation of leadership.This is about maintaining power at all costs.Maybe we got this all wrong from the beginning.”

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The column closed, “At a time when so many of us are repulsed by the politics, the scheming and the attacks, we find our own congresswoman in the middle of it all as a ‘new Republican star.'”

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