Homeland Security Forced to List All False Information It Provided to Court

It was reported by CNN on Wednesday that the Department of Homeland Security is being demanded by a federal judge to list all misinformation it gave the court regarding its decision to not include New York state citizens in the Global Entry system. Geneva Sands reported, “District Judge Jesse Furman wrote that the revelation — which came in a letter from the acting US attorney — of inaccurate statements made in the case was ‘deeply troubling. Furman said the government didn’t even ‘purport to provide’ a full list of false statements, ordering additional documentation.”

Many believe that the exclusion was payback for New York enforcing its policy as a sanctuary city and not allowing DHS to gain access to DMV records. The Trump administration came clean about the lies when it came to light that many other cities employed the same policy with needed to be excluded from the Global entry system.

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