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Hollywood Mocks Ted Cruz After He Compares Environmentalists to Marvel Villains

Hollywood Mocks Ted Cruz After He Compares Environmentalists to Marvel Villains

Ted Cruz has long been known as a pop culture aficionado. The Texas senator loves The Simpsons and frequently makes references to the show on his Twitter feed. Cruz also enjoys comic books and Marvel movies.

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But when Cruz watches those films he thinks of himself more like the hero’s and less like the villains. A number of Hollywood figures were willing to correct Cruz after he compared Democrats to the bad guys in comic book films.

During a recent episode of his new podcast, Cruz said, “What is interesting, and Endgame is curious, have you noticed in how many movies, how often rabid environmentalists are the bad guys?”

The Texas senator continued:

“Whether it’s Thanos, or go to Watchmen, where the view of the left is people are a disease. They buy into the Malthusian line that there are too many people in the world, that people are bad, and everything would be better if we had fewer people. I mean, Thanos wanted to eliminate 50 percent of the life forms in the universe with one finger snapping.”

Unsurprisingly, frequent Cruz critic Seth Rogan weighed in tweeting, “Let’s not focus on the fact that Ted Cruz doesn’t understand movies and focus more on the fact that he inspired a deadly insurrection by perpetuating lies about mass voter fraud.”

Lila Byock works on Watchmen, one of the shows referenced by Cruz. She asked, “Hi Senator Cruz, Watchmen writer/producer here. Literally what the fuck are you talking about?”

And James Gunn who directed Guardians of the Galaxy noted, “Maybe he can start with pronouncing Thanos correctly & then work his way up to making sense.”

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