HillReporter Staff Writer Shannon Barber Suffers Massive Stroke, Here’s Her GoFundMe

Editors Note:

Shannon Barber, our friend, and colleague recently suffered a massive stroke during the worst of all possible times. She was alone, in her apartment when all of this happened. We just got the details, and we have posted them here, for those of you that may know Shannon. At the bottom, you will find the link to Shannon’s GoFundMe page. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish Shannon a speedy recovery and will say a prayer for her and her family tonight. This article was written using the details provided from the GoFundMe page.

She has been transferred from CMC to Atrium Rehabilitation Center to work on speech, writing, and movement. Shannon will have a long road to recovery. She and her family, Doris, Albert, Brooke, and Sommer, who has faced many of their own health issues as a family already, need our support!

As her Mom always says, please keep sending love and prayers Shannon’s way because they are working! And please give what you can to help pay for Shannon’s substantial medical bills and road to recovery! At this time, Shannon cannot move the right side of her body, nor speak and communicate with us.

We are praying and hopeful for her to regain movement and speech. We know that her journey to recovery will be a marathon and not a sprint and she will need continued prayers, words of encouragement, and support from her friends and loved ones.  Thank you ALL for your support!

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