HillReporter.com Reader Poll: What Should Be Done About Trump Allegedly Profiting From His Properties?

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Evidence of President Donald Trump directly profiting (or attempting to profit) from his being the president — by making “suggestions” to his vice president to stay at one of his resorts, or through possibly hosting the G7 Summit next year at his Miami property — continue to surface.

Photo by Kimimasa Mayama – Pool/Getty Images

According to a report from Politico on Friday night, an Air National Guard crew made a trip, from the U.S. to Kuwait, to deliver supplies, with an unexpected stop to Trump’s Turnberry resort in Scotland.

The stop and others since October 2017 have resulted in about $11 million in refueling costs at the Prestwick airport — a taxpayer-funded cost that would have been cheaper had the scheduled refueling been done at an approved military base.

The report goes on to allege that the stops may have directly benefited the Trump property itself. In 2017, Turnberry was in the red by about $4.5 million. The following year, revenues went up by about $3 million.

The House Oversight Committee is investigating the matter, and has promised to look into other incidents regarding the Trump administration utilizing Trump properties in possibly unethical ways.

They may also want to investigate ways in which Trump himself has utilized his own estates in order to make money for his businesses. According to CNN’s Marshall Cohen, Trump has spent 30 percent of his time in office at his properties, which frequently requires the use of the facilities’ equipment in order for Secret Service and other members of his entourage to do their job adequately.

So we ask you, our readers: What should be done about this situation? Let us know in the poll below. We’ll share the results in a separate post on Monday.

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