Hillary for Prison Bill Signed by Trump Is up for Auction

Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign rallies provided a fertile marketplace for Anti-Hillary Clinton paraphernalia. This included a dollar bill showing Clinton behind prison bars.


Trump inked one of these mock dollar bills with his unmistakable signature. Steiner Sports is now auctioning off this bill with a minimum bid of $1,000.

Steiner writes: “This is the first Trump signed ‘Hillary for Prison’ bill we have ever seen. The signature is large, in bold black marker, a fine example of a modern Donald Trump autograph.”

The site continues, “The scarcity of this inflammatory signed campaign relic coupled with Trump’s turbulent Presidency makes this a must-have item for supporters or Presidential collectors.”

The timing of the auction is interesting with this week’s testimony of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. Cohen, who has been sentenced to 3 years in prison infamously tweeted that Clinton will soon be behind bars.

The price on the item are up to $1,300 with 3 weeks to bid.

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