Hillary Clinton: GOP Won’t Remove Trump Because They’re Terrified

In the past few months, Hillary Clinton has made somewhat of a return to Democratic politics. She slammed Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard as a potential Russian asset. She also blasted former opponent Bernie Sanders, claiming that “nobody likes him.”

During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Clinton weighed in on another former opponent: Donald Trump. According to the former First Lady, the President is clearly guilty, but GOP lawmakers are cowed and terrified to remove him.

Clinton first praised Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi with how she’s handled the matter thus far. “When Nancy repeatedly held the line, she was absolutely right because we had to build a case and we had to demonstrate as clearly as you could that the behavior threatened the security, the sovereignty, the integrity of our country and most particularly, our elections,” she said.

The former Secretary of State then weighed in on Senate Republicans.

“I’m obviously realistic enough to understand that the House Republicans and the Senate Republicans don’t want to hear this,” Clinton continued, “don’t want to think hard about it, don’t want to make a decision, and are going to probably default to basically deriding the case—they started that today—and then trying to move as quickly as possible without any more evidence being presented or witnesses called. I hope this will haunt them not only politically, but historically.”

Clinton closed her comments, “This is about what could happen in 2020, and I thought the House did a very professional, very careful job with it, and I’ve served with some of the Republicans who are still there in the Senate, and I find it absolutely beyond my understanding why they’re so cowed, so terrified to do what most of them know they should do.”


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