Hillary Clinton Connects MAGA Hats to White Nationalists

During the political rise of Donald Trump, his signature MAGA hat has become a controversial item. Some, like Alyssa Milano, have proclaimed the hats to be a symbol of hatred and bigotry. A number of Trump supporters claim they have been discriminated against for sporting the headwear.

Photo by Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images

Trump’s 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton, has now weighed in with her opinion. The former Secretary of State retweeted an article referencing White Nationalist support for MAGA-wear.

The article, from Huffington Post, discusses global acceptance of Trump’s symbols by the far right. Clinton wrote, “The white nationalists certainly think MAGA is a white nationalist slogan.”

Canadian Mosque shooter, Alexandre Bissonette, had posted photos of himself wearing a MAGA hat on social media. The hat has also been seen at rallies hosted by far-right British activist, Tommie Robinson.

The hat has also been worn by domestic terrorists. Parkland shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was known to frequently sport pro-Trump gear. He reportedly placed a MAGA hat in the casket of his Trump-hating Mother.

The White House has yet to comment on Clinton’s tweet.

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