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Hillary Clinton Calls Out GOP Effort to Take Away Voting Rights for What It Is: Racist

Hillary Clinton Calls Out GOP Effort to Take Away Voting Rights for What It Is: Racist

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton blasted the Republican Party’s nationwide crusade to disenfranchise American voters as a “concerted attempt to destabilize the democratic process and delegitimize our multi-racial democracy” and called upon Democrats to “fundamentally change the way we think about and fight back against this blatant, sweeping effort” in a brutal editorial published on Democracy Docket on Wednesday afternoon.

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“Since the 2020 election with its historic turnout, lawmakers across the country have introduced nearly 400 bills making it harder to vote: purging voters from the rolls, making it more difficult to register, cutting back on early and absentee voting, getting rid of ballot drop boxes, even banning giving out food or water to people waiting in line at the polls,” wrote the former First Lady and secretary of state. “Each of these proposals disproportionately prevents people of color from casting their ballots, and each is egregious in its own right.”

Clinton said that Donald Trump’s upset victory in the 2016 presidential election has done enormous damage to suffrage throughout the United States because Trump managed to add three ultra-conservative justices to the Supreme Court who have turned the Voting Rights Act into swiss cheese.

“But the problem is more insidious” than bad jurisprudence, Clinton stressed. “The emboldening of white supremacists and conspiracy theorists during Trump’s campaign and time in the White House along with the international movement against liberal democracy have exacerbated this perfect storm.”

The results, Clinton correctly pointed out, have had a lopsidedly negative impact on vulnerable segments of the population, “particularly for specific groups: people of color, students, the elderly and low-income Americans. This kind of disparity does not happen by accident. It reminds me of one of my favorite sayings from Arkansas: ‘You find a turtle on a fence post, it did not get there on its own.’ It’s no coincidence that the restrictive voting laws passed by Republicans target people who are more likely to vote for Democrats.”

All of this, the 2016 national popular vote winner said, comes down to race. And the Trump-led insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th, Clinton added, “revealed the ugly truth of just how many elected officials in America would choose whiteness” over democracy.

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“Now is the time for anyone who cares about ours to stand up and fight for it using absolutely every tool in our toolbox: legislation, marching and protesting, speaking up, supporting people and groups advocating for a democracy that reflects the diversity of this country, and, yes, showing up to the polls at every election, not just the presidential ones,” Clinton concluded. “Democracies the world over have faced this challenge; how we respond will have a ripple effect around the globe.”

Read the full editorial here.

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