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He’s Terrified: Morning Joe Panel Mocks Kevin McCarthy’s Big Time Trump Problem

He’s Terrified: Morning Joe Panel Mocks Kevin McCarthy’s Big Time Trump Problem

During a Monday discussion, the Washington Post’s Ashley Parker explained why Kevin McCarthy has to give complete fealty to the former president.

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Following the January insurrection on the US Capitol, both Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy condemned Trump’s actions. And McConnell has continued to act like the party no longer needs Trump. McCarthy, though, made an abrupt turn and has allowed Trump to control Republicans in the House of Representatives.

Joe Scarborough asked Parker, “Can you tell me, can you pick an exact time, when they went from deciding to be in the Liz Cheney camp to — I’m sorry, there’s no polite way to say it — crawling back to Donald Trump politically?”

The Washington Post scribe responded, “Kevin McCarthy made the calculation that all roads to the majority in 2022 run through Mar-a-Lago and one detail we put in our story that was fascinating, and I will caveat it, is that some of Trump’s top advisers are telling him if McCarthy and Republicans take back the House in 2022, that Donald Trump should not support him for speaker, should withhold his support, should freeze that race.”

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Parker continued:

“Now, if they actually win, Donald Trump likes to back a winner, winning solves a lot of problems,” she added. “It is hard to imagine a scenario in which Donald Trump does not support Kevin McCarthy for speaker. But you have someone like Kevin McCarthy for which his own personal interests is running scared and is terrified of Donald Trump weighing in with a critical statement on that fairly bare-bones website that you referenced earlier.”

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