“He’s Hopeless” Trump Slams Former Partner in Crime Mitch McConnell

For the entirety of his four year term, Donald Trump served as a useful idiot to Mitch McConnell. While Trump took the credit it was actually McConnell pulling the strings on tax cuts and Supreme Court nominations.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

And while Kevin McCarthy and GOP members in congress have treated Trump as an important part of the party’s future, McConnell has already forgotten about him. And this enrages the 45th president to no end. During a recent interview with OAN Trump slammed into McConnell calling him “hopeless.”

The former president said of the Kentucky senator, “I’m watching the negotiation — which is a one-way negotiation in Congress. They get whatever they want approved. McConnell is hopeless, and he can’t stop anything.”

Host Chanel Rion then asked, “Is there any real difference between Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer, from your experience?”

Trump responded, “Chuck Schumer never would have accepted the result of that election. Never would have accepted. They would have been out in the streets. They would have been marching. And Mitch McConnell says, ‘Well, we have to get down to business now. And you know what the business was. [President JoeBiden signed 17 executive orders. in virtually his first day, and every one of them was a disaster for our country. So we need much sharper, much tougher leadership.”


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