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Herschel Walker Reveals More ‘Undisclosed’ Children After Being Slammed For Hypocrisy

Herschel Walker Reveals More ‘Undisclosed’ Children After Being Slammed For Hypocrisy

Herschel Walker has been called out for hypocrisy after statements he made about “fatherless children” seemed to clash with his own past. Now, he’s admitting he has even more children who the public didn’t previously know about.

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The Daily Beast reported earlier this week that Herschel Walker, who is running to represent his state of Georgia in the United States Senate, had been named in a paternity suit years ago. Fathering a child outside of marriage is hardly scandalous in itself — ChildTrends data shows around 40% of kids born in the U.S. have unmarried parents — but Walker’s own statements appear somewhat hypocritical in light of this.

Walker campaigns on conservative “family” values, specifically engaging in the trope that the problem the Black community faces isn’t institutional discrimination, but a failure of fathers to stick around and aren’t. He talked in one interview about how he co-parented with his ex-wife, and said, referring to his son, “Homeboy know dad is in his life.”

What he didn’t mention was his other son, currently age ten, whose mother, according to court documents, had to file a paternity suit and get court-ordered child support in 2014.

Now, he has revealed this child isn’t the only ‘secret’ one. Rolling Stone reports that Walker has admitted he has two additional children who haven’t been mentioned in all of his talks about parental duties.

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Walker was being questioned about a second unmentioned son, this one aged 13, when he disclosed that he has a total of four children, three sons and one daughter. He produced a form he filled out in 2018 claiming all four kids, and explained away his failure to mention them publicly by saying, “I just chose not to use them as props to win a political campaign. What parent would want their child involved in garbage, gutter politics like this?”

Notably, when he was initially asked about ‘undisclosed’ children, Walker admitted to the ten-year-old son but did not mention his other two children.

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