Herman Cain’s Twitter Account Attacks Joe Biden, Kamala Harris — Two Weeks After His Death

A tweet from Herman Cain’s verified account on Thursday, August 13, lashed out at Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, calling the campaign “completely nuts” and promoting a Trump campaign ad. The biggest problem with this? Herman Cain had died on July 30, two full weeks before.

herman cain supporting donald trump before death
Herman Cain (C,L) and supporters of US President Donald Trump “Black Voices” listen to him speak during a campaign rally at the BOK Center on June 20, 2020 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. – Hundreds of supporters lined up early for Donald Trump’s first political rally in months, saying the risk of contracting COVID-19 in a big, packed arena would not keep them from hearing the president’s campaign message. (Photo by NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images)

Herman Cain’s verified account has tweeted several times since his death. The account’s name has been changed to ‘The Cain Gang,’ though it keeps the same handle, @THEHermanCain. Immediately after Cain’s death of COVID-19, possibly contracted at a mask-free Trump rally, the account tweeted a link to Cain’s website, eulogizing him. The account’s description makes it clear that it has been taken over by family and others.

Official Twitter for Team Cain. Formerly run by Herman Cain, now supervised by his daughter team and family. The mission continues.

A post on Cain’s website Thursday explained this further.

Hello. I’m Dr. Melanie Cain Gallo, and I am proud to say that Herman Cain was my dad. He believed in using his voice to teach, enlighten and give hope. It’s one of the ways he used this web site every day, and he wouldn’t have wanted that work to stop with his passing…So we will continue. We’ve decided here at Cain HQ that we will go on using this platform to share the information and ideas he believed in. He often talked about the site going on once he was ready to step away from it.

However, on Twitter, it was clear that people found the sudden posts in Cain’s name, especially before the account name was changed, jarring an inappropriate.

While a lot of people found the tweets amusing and piled on jokes about the right-wing getting both the ‘birthers’ and the ‘deathers,’ the predominant sentiment appeared to be that it’s ghoulish and disrespectful to use an account of a man who died to continue promoting the same agenda that allowed the virus that killed him to flourish.

There are also calls for Twitter to at least remove Cain’s verified checkmark, since it’s clearly no longer him tweeting.

Herman Cain was a vocal supporter of Donald Trump, and before his death, he attended the Tulsa rally for which Trump has been so roundly criticized. That rally has been associated with a surge of new cases in Oklahoma at the time, in late June. It’s not verified that Cain contracted the virus at that event, though his illness and death followed it closely.

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