Herman Cain Still Hospitalized with COVID19

A little more than a month after he attended Donald Trump’s rally without a mask in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Herman Cain remains hospitalized after contracting the coronavirus.

Cain, a former 2012 Presidential candidate and a co-chair of Black Voices for Trump, was diagnosed on June 29th after returning from an extensive road trip that included attending the rally in Tulsa. Cain was critical of the mask mandate and chose to not wear one at the rally. Other GOP attendees who also chose to not wear a mask include Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows. Cain had scoffed that he “wasn’t afraid” of the coronavirus, and said people were “Fed Up”, and no masks would be required at the rally.

The Trump campaign received tremendous criticism regarding the Tulsa rally, which was poorly attended thanks to an online campaign to reserve tickets in bulk before Trump fans could. But despite the small turnout, local officials soon saw a surge in cases they traced back to the rally. Several Secret Service agents tested positive for the virus, as did Kim Guilfoyle, a Trump campaign staffer who is also dating Donald Trump, Jr.

This is not the first time Herman Cain has had a public health scare. Cain famously beat Stage 4 colon and liver cancer in 2006. But 27 straight days in the hospital indicates his bout with the coronavirus hasn’t been an easy one. Doctors says Cain’s condition has been steadily, but slowly, improving.

There are now more than four million documented cases of Coronavirus in the United States, with over 150,000 recorded deaths.

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