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Herman Cain Accuser Willing To ID ‘Certain Parts’ Of His Body In Senate Testimony

Herman Cain Accuser Willing To ID ‘Certain Parts’ Of His Body In Senate Testimony

Herman Cain, President Donald Trump’s pick to sit on the Federal Reserve Board will have to testify before the Senate Banking Committee before he’s confirmed by the full Senate to the position — and he may have to face testimony from a woman who’s threatening to describe his private parts.

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A woman named Ginger White claimed in 2011, when Cain was running for president, that she and the former CEO of the National Restaurant Association had a consensual affair. White came forward with details of her alleged relationship with Cain after four other women said that Cain, while serving in that position, had sexually harassed them.

White’s attorney, who also represents another of Cain’s accusers, said that both women would be willing to testify against Cain’s nomination.


“If it is true that Mr. Cain had a 13-year affair [with White], and if it is true that he sexually harassed women when they either sought a job or had a job when he was the employer, then he should be disqualified from any government position, because truth matters,” Allred said on Thursday, per reporting from The Daily Beast.

Allred added that her client would be “willing to identify certain parts of Mr. Cain’s body to corroborate her testimony.”

Cain denies any involvement with the women who have accused him, per reporting from Bloomberg.

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“This is recycled defamation that was nearly eight years ago. And if they want to go down that road, go ahead. But I am not going to drop out because they are recycling the unfounded accusations,” Cain said during a Fox News interview.

White had a response to Cain’s words during the press conference she was at on Thursday.

“It’s time for you, Herman, to quit. Quit thinking that just because a few years have passed, your actions from the past are no longer relevant,” White said.

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