Here’s Trump’s Twitter Surrogate, Getting His Words To His Fans, Despite The Site’s Warnings

Donald Trump was banned from Twitter after his supporters cited his words as motivation for an attack on Congress. His early attempts to get around the ban were blocked, but now a surrogate is posting in his place. Does this fall within the parameters of what the site said wouldn’t be allowed?

Donald Trump is indefensible
[Photo by Pete Marovich – Pool/Getty Images]

In January, after the failed insurrection attempt, NPR reported on the Twitter ban, noting that the then-president had immediately tried to get around it by tweeting from the @POTUS account. Those were removed. He then tried tweeting from the @TeamTrump account, and it too was suspended. Twitter reiterated its policy of banning any account that is used to dodge a suspension.

However, Trump’s communication manager, Liz Harrington, is now tweeting Trump’s ‘statements,’ even including those that are half-formed thoughts, such as the one that reads, in its entirety, “1776 not 1619!” She also shares statements that look much more like Trump tweets than official statements, such as the one declaring “98% approval rating at CPAC, the highest ever, by far. A new record!”

These are prompting calls for Twitter to remove this account too, on the grounds that it serves as a way for Trump to get around the ban. HuffPost White House correspondent S.V. Dáte pointed out that the “1776” tweet looks an awful lot like some of the same calls for ‘revolution’ that were previously deemed as incitement of violence.

Harrington also tweeted a number of clips from CPAC, with several notably centering around Trump’s calls for his fans to “not let [America] be taken away from us” and reiterating his claims that the election outcome was false or “rigged” — again, the same claims credited with convincing his fans to attack Congress in January.

A number of Twitter users are calling for the company to act, and determine whether Harrington’s account tweeting as a Trump surrogate falls within the parameters of what is forbidden — that is, Trump himself using it as a way to dodge his own suspension.

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