Here’s The Cutest Part Of The Mike Pompeo Scandal

Donald Trump’s firing of State Inspector General Steve Linick brought into public light one of Linick’s current investigations. Before Trump declared that he no longer had confidence in Linick’s appointment, the Inspector General was looking into allegations that U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo misused tax-funded labor for personal gain. This includes having state employees tend to the needs of his pet.

mike pompeo dog scandal
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Here’s Sherman. There are allegations that taxpayers have been funding his walks, as well as travel to and from his groomer. Some would argue that tax dollars have been used for worse.

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We love you, Sherman! Happy National #LoveYourPetDay ?

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As it happens, Sherman’s human is under investigation for just such abuses of taxpayer funding.

According to the Washington Post, Pompeo was alleged to have put government employees, on taxpayer time, to work on such menial personal errands as taking Sherman for walks, picking up dry cleaning, and making restaurant reservations.

A separate complaint in 2019 accused Pompeo of similar misuses of government labor, including sending his security personnel to pick up his dog from the groomer, according to Newsweek.

After Linick’s firing, Dems have launched an investigation into the reason for the dismissal. A White House officialtells NBC that Pompeo recommended his removal, and that Trump followed through. Representative Elliot Engle said he has requested that all records pertaining to the firing be preserved, and turned over for inspection by Friday.

Pompeo hasn’t responded publicly to the allegations, nor has there been any public response from the White House with regard to the records request. However, there’s no sign the Secretary of State thinks he’ll be losing his pet care any time soon — he shared photos of his new puppy on Sunday.

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