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Here’s the 2018 Summer White House Intern Photo That The WH is Hiding

Here’s the 2018 Summer White House Intern Photo That The WH is Hiding

The Trump administration has been criticized multiple times for the overwhelming number of caucasian interns that they have selected each semester. This isn’t just a one-time thing. In fact, both the 2017 class and the Fall 2018 classes have been almost entirely white, with males outnumbering females significantly.

While the Summer 2018 intern class had their photo taken weeks ago, the White House oddly did not allow the media to partake in the photo ceremony.  In fact, the White House never even released the official photo of the class.  Last week a former intern from that class posted the photo to his Instagram account, but that too has now been removed.

So why does the White House appear to not want this photo seen by the public?  Perhaps it’s the blatant fact that despite past criticism, they continue to lack minorities in their internship program.

White House Intern Photo – Summer 2018

As you can see from the image above, there are an incredibly small number of non-white minorities in this photo of 128 mostly-millennial interns.  This photo’s sheer lack of people of color grows even more suspicious when one considers that approximately 50% of all millennials in this country are considered minorities.

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Perhaps it’s not fair to completely blame the White House for the lack of minorities enrolled within their internship program.  Maybe it’s the students themselves staying away from the White House after the President seems to pull out a racist dogwhistle every chance that he gets.  But I guess that blame too would fall on the White House.

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