Help Your Business Push the Green Agenda by Becoming More Eco-Friendly to Help Fight Global Warming

It is a well-known fact that 100 energy companies are responsible for 71% of all industrial emissions since human-made climate change has become universally recognized. There is such a pull on all businesses, however, to become more eco-friendly. This is because everyone plays a part in the cycle of climate change; our current way of life depends on it. This is why small businesses need to be resourceful and think of ways to reduce their carbon footprint to help them become less of the problem. 

Going Digital

Although often frowned upon by those who weren’t brought up with such technology, digitalization is an excellent way to move forward and go paperless. This can be a good way to help cut down a business’s ties with deforestation. However, like most alternatives, businesses will need to consider paying out for cybersecurity to ensure that their workers and files remain safe to the best of their ability. 

Think about shipping options

Shipping is one of the biggest ways that businesses can cut down on emissions. By only hiring out one courier instead of multiple, they will be able to save money and cut a long trip considerably shorter. Using a truck freight shipping company like Shiply is a way toward this and can also help businesses deliver goods in a far safer manner, meaning that there will be less waste if a product is broken during transportation. 

Look for more sustainable resources

It’s no lie that 71% of customers would pay more for more sustainable brands. This is something that businesses should be more aware of. By investing in companies that support responsibly resourced items, they will not only be able to help the sector grow and give them more of a chance against big unethical businesses, but they will also be helping themselves out by cutting down on the footprint of their products lifecycles. 

Offer more remote work

Offering remote work is a good way for businesses to help cut down on the carbon emission of their workers. Not only does this contribute to reducing the amount of carbon dioxide, and more essentially, carbon monoxide, in the atmosphere, it also helps reduce the market for fossil fuels, which means that your employee’s carbon footprint decreases hugely. It can also encourage a lot of workers to feel more in control of their lives, which might encourage them to be happier and therefore increase their work ethic.

Final thoughts

A business’s carbon footprint is a huge thing. But it is not completely out of a business’s control to measure, and therefore budget it. By embracing the risk of going digital and acting on it, they can cut down on fixed fees and paper waste. They can think about their shipping which can help them reduce carbon emissions and help them save money. Businesses can also look for more sustainable resources to help out other ethical brands. They should also start offering remote work to do their part in getting cars off of the roads. 

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