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“He’ll Lose Interest” Anthony Scaramucci Explains Why Trump Won’t Run in 2024

“He’ll Lose Interest” Anthony Scaramucci Explains Why Trump Won’t Run in 2024

Donald Trump, coming to grips with the fact that he lost the 2020 election, has reportedly told aides he plans to run again in 2024. There are some issues with that idea, though. First, the president is morbidly obese and will be 75 at the time of the election. Second, he faces legal jeopardy in a number of places but especially in New York.

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Anthony Scaramucci thinks that there is a third reason why Trump won’t be running in the next election. The former White House communications director thinks Trump will simply lost interest in politics.

Scaramucci made the comments while speaking with CNN’s Chris Cuomo. He told the host:

“I actually think on January 21st, they’re going to slice his throat metaphorically and they’re going to push him out to pasture as hard as possible because you have all these young Republicans that want to run for president and Mitch McConnell knows that once he’s out of power he has to dispatch them very quickly. By the way, Chris, you know the president’s personality. I know it very well. The minute he leaves that stage, and it is no longer about him, he’s not campaigning for other people. He’s not going to go to diminishing crowd sized rallies for himself. And the bloom will be off the rose, and he’ll be 75 years old. So, I see this thing ending way more abruptly than other people do.”

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Watch a clip of Scaramucci’s comments below, courtesy of CNN:

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