Heidi Cruz Was “P*ssed” Over Leaked Cancun Texts, Ted Cruz Tells Podcast

Heidi Cruz, wife of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was “p*ssed” to learn that her messages to a neighborhood group had been leaked, her husband says, appearing on a podcast Tuesday.

Heidi Cruz p*ssed* Ted says
[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

Cruz spoke on the Ruthless podcast. It’s branded as a conservative talk show, the program’s logo is of the Supreme Court entrance, with the title split into “Ruth” and “less” across it — Above The Law described it last year as another example of “right wing danc[ing] on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s grave,” noting that host Josh Holmes is Mitch McConnell’s former chief.

In the first of two clips below, shared by The Recount, you can hear the senator say that Heidi Cruz sent messages to neighbors, discussing her plans for a trip to Cancun. He says that some of their neighbors are Democrats, not quite going so far as to explicitly blame their liberal neighbors for being the leakers, but instead pivoting to a joke(?) about being offended that some had put up signs supporting his election opponent, Beto O’Rourke.

(Though Cruz was narrowly re-elected, of the two, O’Rourke is the one who stayed in Texas and worked to contact his would-b constituents and ask what he could do to help.)

Business Insider described the leaked messages, which appear to contradict Cruz’s claim that he only went to Cancun because his daughters thought of the idea. Instead, Heidi Cruz can be seen proposing it, appearing to think of it as she brainstorms solutions for the cold.

In the text, Cruz indicates that her family has spent the night at someone else’s home, but that their power is now also out, and that she’s heading home but looking for warmth. She asks if anyone has electricity, and suggests everyone could stay in one house that had heat. Then she proposes Cancun, and talks about the cost per night at the Ritz-Carlton.

Sen. Cruz complains that the controversy over his decision to go on vacation has gotten him a lot of negative attention — in the second clip above he attempts a self-deprecating joke about the conspiracy theory that paints him as the Zodiac killer, saying he hasn’t has this much critical media coverage since then.

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