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Heather Gardner Breaks Through Thanks to the Meidas Touch

Heather Gardner Breaks Through Thanks to the Meidas Touch

2020 was the year where political videos had a real-life impact on how the public ended up voting. Within minutes of its release, a video from Don Winslow, Meidas Touch, Eleven Films, and Really American, among others, immediately racked up thousands, even millions of views. The videos didn’t just stay online; many of them were shared on broadcast news shows or even on electronic billboards in Las Vegas.

It was also the year personal videos exploded online thanks to everyone being stuck inside. Tik Tok saw its usage increase by a whopping 75% as the pandemic raged through the year, forcing everyone to become even more creative with marketing themselves online. With millions of content producers vying for millions of views, how is anyone able to make themselves stand out in such a crowded digital landscape?


If you’re Heather Gardner (aka “Heather GTV”), you and your husband team up with an established powerhouse and take the brand you’ve already been cultivating online and take it to the next level.

Having gotten her start in terrestrial radio, Heather already knew how to capitalize on her skills and parlayed them into gigs at the Huff Post, Yahoo Entertainment, and the now-defunct Quibi. Heather was already growing her multi-platform social media following with her politically charged Tik Toks when the Meislas Brothers, the force behind Meidas Touch, approached Heather and her husband, Loren Gardner, who’s also her executive producer.

“We immediately connected because our stories were so similar,” Heather says of the brothers. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Loren and I found ourselves angry by the all-consuming news and frustrated with Trump’s lack of leadership. So we started filming reaction videos and they took off on TikTok almost immediately. We had 100K followers after just two months, which is also around the same time Meidas Touch reached out looking to add our videos to their growing platform.”

“Their goal and our goal was simple: Trump cannot get re-elected,” Heather says. “So we joined forces to promote facts about the election and the pandemic. What they’ve built is nothing short of genius. It feels incredible to be making a difference right alongside them.”

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