Head of Nebraska Farmer’s Union: Trump Doesn’t Have the Skillset to do Deal with China

Donald Trump attempted to make a more favorable trade deal with China by slapping tariffs on the country. China retaliated against the President by hitting the farm states that drove his 2016 victory. While Trump was able temporarily appease the farmers with a bailout, farm workers are now wondering if a stop to the tariffs are coming.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

John Hansen, the President of the Nebraska Farmer’s Union, spoke with the Huffington Post recently about his thoughts on the tariff. The Union head isn’t feeling too confident about Trump sealing a deal with China, saying he doesn’t have the skill set or the experience to come to a deal.

On Friday, the President said that there is no hurry to do a deal with China. He told reporters, “I’m not looking for a partial deal; I’m looking for a complete deal. People know that we’re doing a great job. … We’re not being affected.”

Hansen didn’t quite agree with Trump’s assessment. He told the Huffington Post, “Farmers are in serious, serious financial straits.” He continued by saying that Trump, “does not have the skill set or the experience to fix things.”

The union chief felt that the China problem should have been handled with other countries. “I would … argue that it would be far more effective if we did it with the rest of the world, instead of first ticking off the rest of the world and then trying to do it all by ourselves,” said Hansen. “But what did Trump do? Instead of isolating China, the first jump out of the chute he isolates America.”


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