He Wanted to be a Kardashian: Watch Meghan McCain Claim Dr. Fauci Was More Interested in Fame Than Safety

It would have been very difficult for Donald Trump to handle the COVID-19 pandemic worse than he did. From holding rallies, to tweeting about opening up states to refusing to wear a mask, Trump did almost nothing to stop the spread of the illness.

Screenshot/Mediaite/The View

Still, Republicans are obsessed with making the horrible pandemic someone else’s fault. This week, they have zeroed in on Dr. Anthony Fauci. During Friday’s episode of The View, Meghan McCain likened the Doctor to a wannabe reality television star.

After fellow host Sarah Haines opined that Fauci was uncomfortable with notoriety, McCain responded, “I don’t think people that are uncomfortable with celebrity and don’t want to be celebrities pose on the cover of In Style magazine in fashion spread, and on the cover of People magazine. I’m sorry but if he just wanted to be a scientist, tart of the criticism of him going forward is that he clearly wanted to be a Kardashian as well.”

McCain continued, “We have to understand where the virus originated from if we’re ever going to, God forbid, face a threat like this going forward. There’s a huge crisis in this country with Republicans and Democrats questioning the legitimacy of our institutions, and having a lack of faith in our government, and the medical community … If there’s nothing to hide, then show us the proof, and continue the investigations.”

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