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“He Sounds Sick” Watch Sanjay Gupta Explain Why Trump May be in Worse Shape Than he Seems

“He Sounds Sick” Watch Sanjay Gupta Explain Why Trump May be in Worse Shape Than he Seems

Ever since the day he tested positive for COVID-19, Donald Trump has tried to convince Americans that he is totally healthy. He has provided “proof of life” videos, twittered up a storm and has had his Doctor hold quite uninformative press conferences.

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The president, however, has been pumped full of steroids that could make him seem healthier than he actually is. On Friday morning, Dr. Sanjay Gupta brought up the possibility that Trump may be much sicker than he seems.

CNN host John Berman played a clip of a recent Trump interview with Sean Hannity and asked Gupta for his opinion. “Well, he sounds congested still,” said the medical analyst. “Yeah, I hadn’t heard that before.”

Dr. Gupta continued, “It’s interesting because he’s obviously still just, what, 7 days out, 8 days out from when he first developed symptoms, so he’d still be in that period for sure.”

The CNN commentator then got into the subject of steroids:

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“[He’s] still on the steroid medication, which usually acts as a very potent anti-inflammatory. So that could be masking whatever symptoms he does have, so as you start to take him off steroids, it’s worse. He still sounds sick. I am really worried about these steroids. The steroids don’t treat the virus, they treat the inflammation in the body. But once you take the steroids off … that inflammation may come back. It just may be that he’s masking symptoms right now. So they’ve got to keep a close eye on him. I mean this is, this isn’t political intrigue, this is just decent humanity at this point. He sounds sick. And he’s 74 years and this is a serious disease.”



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