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He Should be President: Ann Coulter Lauds Kenosha Shooter

He Should be President: Ann Coulter Lauds Kenosha Shooter

Ann Coulter: teen charged with murder should be president

Kyle Rittenhouse has been arrested and charged with first-degree intentional homicide in the shooting that resulted in two deaths and one injury in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Ann Coulter says that he should be president.

Ann Coulter: teen charged with murder should be president
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A Twitter account dedicated to heaping praise and worship upon Ann Coulter tweeted Wednesday afternoon to laud the 17-year-old who was caught and arrested in his home state of Illinois after police allowed him to leave the scene of the shooting. “I want Kyle Rittenhouse as my bodyguard,” the Coulter-centered account tweeted.

Coulter retweeted this glorification, adding her own: “I want him as my president.”


Rittenhouse can be seen in a brief video clip from before the shooting, saying that he had the “job” to “protect this business,” and to help injured people. “If someone is hurt, I’m running into harm’s way. That’s why I have my rifle, because I need to protect myself, obviously.”

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Ann Coulter has been praised by some in the past few years as she’d been seen as becoming more moderate, based solely on her distancing herself from Donald Trump in a moment when so many of his supporters have only become more defensive of him. CNN reported in 2018 that Trump had ‘lost’ Coulter, who was now calling him a “shallow, lazy ignoramus,” and expressing disappointment that the president didn’t follow through on any of his campaign promises.

However, her criticism of Trump isn’t a step towards left or center — she’s specifically criticized him for not following through with the things she expected of him. Recently, she tweeted to suggest that he isn’t doing enough about protestors, sharing an article against Black Lives Matter and quoting it:

“Telling voters that ‘if the Democrats win, the looters will have free rein’ is kinda dependent on those voters being too stupid to realize that the looters have free rein right now, under Trump.”

Trump has been tweeting about the protests, demanding that local governments use force to stop them, and threatening to send the National Guard to any location where local law enforcement doesn’t crack down.

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