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“He Sees Anti-Vaxxers as Easy Marks:” Watch as Molly Jong-Fast and Jim Acosta Slam Joe Rogan

“He Sees Anti-Vaxxers as Easy Marks:” Watch as Molly Jong-Fast and Jim Acosta Slam Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan often tells his his listeners that he is neither a Democrat or a Republican, he is a Libertarian. And thanks to his millions of listeners, Rogan recently acquired a multi-million dollar deal with Spotify.

Since COVID has hit, the podcast host certainly sounds like a right-winger. Rogan has encouraged his younger listeners to avoid vaccines and has pushed Ivermectin as a COVID cure.

Rogan was a topic during a recent conversation between CNN’s Jim Acosta and Molly Jong-Fast. The duo slammed the comic for peddling misinformation with Jong-Fast noting that he sees anti-vaxxers as easy marks.

After playing a clip from Rogan’s show, Acosta asked, “That kind of garbage you just heard from Joe Rogan there. It is so pernicious and we can write it off and say, ‘oh, this is just some guy with a podcast, he’s a comedian.’ It’s dangerous. Just so dangerous.”

Jong-Fast responded, “It’s so dangerous. And Joe Rogan is not some guy. He has millions and millions of rabid fans who listen to everything he says.”

The pundit continued:

“He is actually probably one of the leading sources of this kind of disinformation. When he got Covid, he got the monoclonal antibodies but he also took the horse dewormer that you can use for lice, ivermectin. And he spread a lot of disinformation. It’s really tragic and we still have people in the South dying in large numbers because they refuse to take the vaccine. And you know, I think that it’s because people like Joe Rogan see these anti-vaxxers as easy marks.”

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