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“He Didn’t Do Enough to Help Us Win” WATCH Matt Gaetz Slam GA Gov. Brian Kemp

“He Didn’t Do Enough to Help Us Win” WATCH Matt Gaetz Slam GA Gov. Brian Kemp

The last few days have featured continual accusations of electoral fraud from members of the GOP. Led by Donald Trump, a the party is claiming that a number of states won by Joe Biden didn’t run fair elections. These include both traditionally blue states like Michigan and Pennsylvania and red states like Arizona and Georgia.

Matt Gaetz deep fake video shows how it can be done
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It’s been easy for the GOP to attack Democratic leaders, but now Republicans are happy to attack some of their own. Republican senate candidates David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler called on Georgia GOP Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to resign. And last night, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz ripped into Georgia Governor Brian Kemp for not doing enough to help Republicans win.

The congressman made the comments last night while appearing on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show. Gaetz told the host, “Brian Kemp was chief elections official for the state of Georgia. Why didn’t he do the things that Ron DeSantis did during his transition to clean up the process, to ensure integrity, to remove the bad actors, and then to give our voters confidence.”

Hannity replied, “Why didn’t he do it now?”

“I think that for Brian Kemp,” Gaetz continued, “it was more important that Kelly Loeffler beat Doug Collins than that Donald Trump beat Joe Biden. He could’ve set that Collins-Loeffler primary earlier. We would’ve had a more united Republican party if that were the case, but in a close election that stuff really matters. It really matters, Sean. And he did not put us in the best position to win.”

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