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He Claims to Be a Business Genius: Watch Joe Scarborough Roasts Trump for Weekend Tax Claims

He Claims to Be a Business Genius: Watch Joe Scarborough Roasts Trump for Weekend Tax Claims

Donald Trump and his company are under serious investigation by the state of New York. Lawyers would advise their clients being probed to lay low and not release any public statements. Instead, Trump has been talking about his ongoing legal ordeal during speeches to supporters.

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The former president was in Sarasota, Florida this weekend. He told his supporters that you don’t have to play taxes on company cars and apartments. On Monday morning, Joe Scarborough tore into Trump for making such a statement about his case.

The MSNBC host began, “You can’t actually say it’s one of the dumber things you’ve ever heard him say. This guy who claims to be a business genius, you have to pay taxes on apartments? Whoever knew you had to pay taxes on cars and apartments? You know who did? They did — because they had two spread sheets.”

Scarborough continued, “They were keeping two sets of books, according to the charges and the information. It seems they knew all too well the ramifications of not paying almost $1 million in taxes on those benefits.”

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Florida state attorney Dave Aronberg weighed in:

“That sound you hear is the sound of the Trump bus rolling over Allen Weisselberg at that rally,” Aronberg said. “I do take it as admissions they’re going to hurt Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization and could come back to be used against Trump himself if he’s ever charged in this matter. What you saw was a preview of his future defense, if he’s ever charged, which is what I call the Sgt. Schultz defense — you remember the character, from ‘Hogan’s Heroes,’ ‘I know nothing,’ he used to say. We see that defense all the time here in the prosecutor business when it comes to white-collar fraud cases.”

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