“Have You Not Debased Yourself Enough?” Watch Don Lemon Destroy Mike Pence Over His Loyalty to Trump

Mike Pence has essentially been in hiding since Donald Trump left office in mid-January. The former vice president briefly appeared after the death of Rush Limbaugh to eulogize the radio host.

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

But Pence apparently has future political ambitions. And that means he has to show support for the previous president even some Trump supporters wanted to kill him. During his Wednesday night show, Don Lemon ripped Pence apart for his continued fealty to the 45th president.

The CNN host was particularly incensed about an op-ed Pence wrote backing up Trump’s big election lie. He began, “Remember they wanted to hang him. He’s so enthralled to this disgraced, twice-impeached one-term former president that he’s still supporting that big lie. The big lie that almost got him killed.”

Lemon then continued, “Come on, Mike Pence. Do you care about power that much? I guess you do. Sorry, I shouldn’t even ask that question. I shouldn’t waste my time. Have you not debased yourself enough for that man?”

The host closed his comments, “[Donald Trump] didn’t even call Mike Pence during the riot to find out if he and his family were okay. Instead, he tweeted before he was permanently banned from Twitter, for his lies, tweeted an attack on his own vice president. All that is okay with Mike Pence now. Fine with the big lie, fine with lives within in danger, fine with voter suppression. He’s gambled his integrity away.”

Watch a clip of the segment below courtesy of CNN:


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