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Have Pre-Existing Conditions? The GOP Has A Plan To Kill You

Have Pre-Existing Conditions? The GOP Has A Plan To Kill You

One of the most heralded parts of Obamacare is under attack. Millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions could soon find their health care coverage being yanked out from under them.

A new GOP plan aims at allowing states to waive mandatory coverage and rate requirements under the Affordable Care Act.

This week, the White House tried to get Republicans in the House of Representatives to amend their Obamacare replacement bill with language that lets states opt out of two popular ACA provisions, including one that requires individual health plans to cover 10 essential health benefits.

Another provision takes aim at the “community rating” system which bars insurers from varying premiums based on a person’s health status or medical history. The “guarantee issue” demands that anyone who wants coverage will have access to it.

Before the ACA became a reality millions of Americans were denied coverage or forced to pay massive premiums to gain any type of help.

In all fairness to the 45th POTUS he did proclaim “bad things are going to happen to Obamacare” when speaking of the former Presidents health care program.

The pre-existing conditions section of Obamacare was a saving grace for millions of Americans. Before the ACA passed 36% of U.S. citizens sought individual insurance with pre-existing conditions, according to The Commonwealth Fund, a private health research foundation. One in five Americans in 2010 were denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions the Congress’ Government Accountability Office says.

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Insurance refusal is caused by a host of issues including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and even depression. In many cases, less life threatening conditions that are easier to manage such as asthma, obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, also lead to denial of coverage.

In all fairness to the Trump Administration, they have made it clear that the poor and elderly are shit out of luck if their plan passes. The biggest savings will be passed onto the rich and millions of Americans will once again be left to die or seek medical help in foreign countries.

Welcome to the Red State…


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