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Hateful Hat Lady Update: Gigi Gaskins Blasts BLM As She Loses Vendors

Hateful Hat Lady Update: Gigi Gaskins Blasts BLM As She Loses Vendors

[Writer’s disclosure: an email inquiry sent to Gigi Gaskins went unanswered by press time]

The voicemail at hatWRKS in Nashville, Tennessee, is still full. Everyone she blocked on her social media accounts remains blocked. Several days after owner Gigi Gaskins went viral in the absolute worst way, the story of the Hateful Hat Lady is staying at the forefront of the news cycle.

For those who haven’t heard as of yet (and oh how I envy the blissful existence of those who say, “Oh, I don’t really pay attention to politics”), Gaskins is a Trump supporter who uses her store’s social media accounts to push QAnon conspiracies and attack transgender people, the coronavirus vaccine, liberals, Democrats, and President Joe Biden’s legitimate election, among many other issues. Of course, it was this photo that started it all.


It was also discovered that Gaskins was present at the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol in Washington, DC, and is incredibly proud of having been there. Once the world learned about Gaskins and her penchant for co-opting the suffering of millions for profit, she started losing vendors by the handful.

As soon as Gaskins discovered Stetson had announced it was cutting all ties with her, Gaskins went into Crisis Mode. She immediately issued a typically weak MAGA apology, long on defiance and short on self-responsibility in her rush to hold on to her livelihood even as she mocked and diminished the millions of lives lost in Nazi concentration camps.


And then Gaskins immediately negated that with a fiery follow-up where she ranted quite Trumpily about the Black Lives Matter movement and appears to believe the left is engaging in “totalitarianism” by going after her.



Someone could tell Gaskins that she’s in a situation of her own making if she just hadn’t cut off all ways to communicate with her, but one of the hallmarks of MAGA is the self-martyrdom they love so much, they won’t let anyone else ruin their self-pity party. It’s expected she’ll lose more vendors, and the FBI has also been alerted to her January 6th photos and posts.


In the meantime, Twitter has been enjoying the full ruination of Gigi Gaskins.

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