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Hate Group Leader Thinks God Loves the Senate Filibuster

Hate Group Leader Thinks God Loves the Senate Filibuster

Tony Perkins, the bigoted president of the Family Research Council hate group, said on a Truth & Liberty Coalition live stream on Monday that he is praying to God to stop Democrats in the United States Senate from eliminating the filibuster.


“We just need to continue to pray. Pray that the Lord would prohibit them from doing this,” Perkins said, referring to nixing the filibuster. “Look, we need God. We need God to move on our behalf. We need to repent as a nation of the stuff that’s being pushed through.”

Perkins, an outspoken conservative extremist who militantly opposes abortion and equality for LGBTQ individuals, accused President Joe Biden of wanting to destroy the country with his progressive policies.

“Just look at what the Biden Administration has pushed through, and we’re not even talking to legislation yet, but the whole transgender agenda we mentioned a few moments ago. He’s put that onto the military. He’s put it onto elementary and secondary schools. He’s put it on our colleges. Look at the issue of abortion; not just the repeal, the overturning of the Mexico City policy that prohibits funding in foreign policy, but even the Hyde Amendment that was eliminated in the coronavirus relief bill, the $2 trillion and all the money that’s going to flow to Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics. This is atrocious, and we need to be praying that God would move in our country,” Perkins blubbered.

“I pray for God’s blessing on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, as they yield themselves to him, praying that he would turn their hearts as he does the rivers of water. But if they refuse the truth and go against the truth, I pray that look, they would be confused, they would have conflict, and gridlock would settle upon Washington D.C.,” Perkins added.

The program’s hosts agreed.

“Amen. I agree. There’s a time to pray against evil even if it’s people who are willfully participating in evil,” one of them said.

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“A hundred percent. You know, David, you pray that God would turn the enemy against themselves and we ought to be following that example,” the other replied.

Watch below via RightWingWatch:

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