Has Footage Of Boebert, Others Leading Capitol Recon Tours Been Erased?

Pistol-packing Lauren Boebert sure was busy on Jan. 6. While the Donald Trump-incited insurrectionist rioters were assaulting police officers, marauding through the U.S. Capitol and hunting for Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence, the Colorado Republican freshman representative was busy tweeting about the entire affair and providing almost live updates on the House Speaker’s location.

(Photo by JASON CONNOLLY/AFP via Getty Images)

Boebert’s actions that day have led to speculation that she and perhaps other Members of Congress were actively supporting the mob in its efforts to stop certification of the 2020 presidential election results. Also under scrutiny are what appear to have been tours of the Capitol building given by a few Members in the days before the deadly riot. Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-N.J.) said in January that she personally witnessed large groups of people being ushered through the building on Jan. 5, despite the fact that the Capitol has been closed to everything except official business since early last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

During a Monday hearing of the House Appropriations Committee designed to gather facts about the insurrection, Members were disturbed by the testimony of Capitol Police General Counsel Thomas DiBiase. DiBiase refused to say whether the Capitol Police have preserved footage footage from Jan. 5 and provided it to House and Senate committees investigating events leading up to the insurgency. That would include any video that might reveal the truth about Boebert, or others, who might have lead those “reconnaissance tours” as described by Sherrill.

In fact, any video footage from Jan. 5 already might have been erased. In a sworn affidavit filed in one of the cases involving Jan. 6 violence, the Capitol Police insist that the cameras are present only to “assist in the maintenance of national security” and are “generally not used to collect evidence in criminal matters.” Worse still, the security footage is “automatically purged … within 30 days under normal circumstances.”

That means unless someone at the Capitol Police decided that the footage was important to preserve, the evidence of crimes by Boebert or anyone else who helped would-be insurgents find routes around the Capitol may be lost forever.

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