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Harvard Won’t Admit Pro-Gun Parkland Survivor After Racist Comments Come To Light

Harvard Won’t Admit Pro-Gun Parkland Survivor After Racist Comments Come To Light

While most of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students who survived the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, have come out in favor of tighter gun laws and regulations, not every student felt that way in the aftermath of the tragedy.

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Kyle Kashuv was one student who felt that gun laws should have been loosened, to encourage more people to have guns in the event of mass shootings happening elsewhere. The beliefs espoused by Kashuv even earned him recognition by President Donald Trump and a White House visit.

But some of his past statements are starting to catch up to him. According to The Daily Beast, Kashuv, who was set to attend Harvard in 2020 (after taking a gap-year off), will no longer be attending the university after it rescinded its offer to let him study there last week.

Kashuv seemed to acknowledge in a Twitter thread he wrote that the decision came about after comments surfaced earlier this year in which it was revealed he had made several disparaging and racist comments while in high school.

Kashuv wrote that his admission to Harvard was pulled after they cited “maturity and moral character” concerns about him, relating to those comments. He added that he did not believe he was deserving of losing his place at the institution of higher learning.

“It’s about whether we live in a society in which forgiveness is possible or mistakes brand you as irredeemable, as Harvard has decided for me,” he wrote.

Some viewed Kashuv’s words as unforgivable. He wrote in a shared Google Doc with fellow classmates, for instance, before the Parkland shooting happened, that he was “really good at typing” the n-word. He also reportedly regularly called black athletes “n—–jocks.”

Not everyone who criticized Kashuv was left-leaning. Many of the loudest voices calling for his removal from Harvard actually came from conservatives, including some far-right voices, according to reporting from Reason.

“There are more deserving teens who ‘don’t use the death of 17 people as a resume holder’ and who “don’t call black People the N word who deserve to go to Harvard,” anti-Muslim activist Laura Loomer said.

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CJ Pearson, who heads Teens for Trump, and David Wohl, the father of activist and (failed) provocateur Jacob Wohl, also voiced their opinions loudly on social media in favor of Kashuv being booted out.

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