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Harvard Professor: The GOP Will Be Fine With a ‘Violent Seizure of Power’ [VIDEO]

Harvard Professor: The GOP Will Be Fine With a ‘Violent Seizure of Power’ [VIDEO]

Most GOP lawmakers have longed talked about their love of Democracy. And the had the chance to display that love over the last 4 years. While there is always a Adam Kinzinger or Liz Cheney willing to stand up to Trump, most just fell in line.

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Steven Livitsky, a professor at Harvard doesn’t think that behavior is changing anytime soon. In fact, he says that the current party would be fine with a violent seizure of power.

The professor made the comments during a recent interview with Dean Obeidallah. The host asked, “After Jan. 6, I was as surprised as you. I actually thought the GOP was going to jettison Donald Trump and go, “He’s gone. He lied for two months. He clearly incited this attack. It might be a criminal violation, it might not be, but it was clearly, it was him. He did it.”

Levitsky responded:

“I had the same reaction as you did in the days after Jan. 6. I really was hopeful, listening to Mitch McConnell on the floor of the Senate, listening to McCarthy, that finally this would be the turning point. But I think that the Republicans took a few days, put their finger to the wind and realized that the base was still with Trump. And because of the existence of primaries and because these guys are just too small to stand up for democracy over their own political careers, they went where their base was.

They were unwilling, for whatever reason — with the exception of Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney and a small handful of others, many of whose careers are over — they were unwilling to stand up to the base. Standing up the base means probably ending your political career and they just didn’t want to do it. They’d rather end democracy.”

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Watch the interview below, courtesy of Salon Talks



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