Harvard Law Professor Think's Judge Chutkan's New Ruling Will Lead to Conviction for Donald Trump

Donald Trump is desperately trying to get out of legal trouble in several cases. The Washington DC case, overseen by Judge Tanya Chutkan, is particularly worrying to the former President. 

Trump's lawyers, up against a rock and a hard place, are trying any strategy they can to help their client. They recently argued that Trump was protected because of Presidential immunity. The Judge wasn't having it and ruled against Trump and his lawyers. 

Laurence Tribe, a renowned law professor from Harvard and frequent critic of Trump, wrote before the decision was made, "This is why we can confidently expect Judge Chutkan to reject Mr. Trump’s immunity defense in his DC trial for criminally trying to overturn the election and seize power, a trial in which I fully expect him to be convicted, thereby losing much of his current support in the polls."

After the Judge's formal decision, Tribe wrote:

"The prediction I made 2 hours ago proved right more quickly than I expected: Trump is now headed directly to conviction in DC for corruptly plotting to upend the Constitution’s system for transferring the executive power to the winner of the quadrennial presidential election."

So Tribe was right in this prediction, but time will tell on one of his others. Would Trump's hardcore supporters abandon him if he was convicted of a crime? That might be unlikely.