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Harlan Hill (Trump Advisory Board Member) Calls Kamala Harris “Insufferable Lying B*tch”

Harlan Hill (Trump Advisory Board Member) Calls Kamala Harris “Insufferable Lying B*tch”

Harlan Hill, has appeared on Fox News to defend the president, markets himself as a commentator for that network (though the network disagrees), and President of a political consulting and public relations company. His company boasts its connection to the Trump campaign. Hill tweeted after Wednesday night’s debate to declare Senator Kamala Harris an “insufferable lying b*tch” and “less likable than Hillary Clinton.”

[Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images]

Harlan has been featured on Fox News to represent the 2020 Trump Campaign Advisory Board, as seen in the clip below.

However, Fox News has even disavowed the self-appointed commentator, telling Huff Post reporter Yashir Ali that “despite the way his Twitter bio reads,” Harlan is not a pair commentator, hasn’t been on Fox News this year, and was last on Fox Business in June, and that the network has “no intention of booking him as a guest” on any of their platforms.

After the debate, Harlan retweeted numerous accounts attacking Senator Harris, and weighed in with his own insults. (Because these tweets may be deleted, screenshots will be appended at the end of this article.)

In the morning, Hill followed up and doubled down, assuring his Twitter following that he still thinks the senator and vice presidential candidate is a b*tch.

Clinton and Harris have something else in common, besides Hill’s assessment of them both as not likable — he’s flung the same misogynistic slur at Clinton that he’s now recycling for Harris.

In case the misogynistic nature of the attacks wasn’t sufficiently apparent, Harlan lashed out at the senator’s marriage, too, retweeting a post asking how anyone could be married to her.

Harlan Hill attacks Kamala Harris marriage
[Photo by NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images]

Harlan Hill’s opinion of Kamala Harris’ likability is just that though — his own opinion. RealClearPolitics is currently showing that an average of the most recent polls has her rated favorable by 47.4% of respondents, and unfavorably by only 41.8% — and the latest Fox News poll is even higher, with 54% favorable, and only 40% unfavorable.

[Screenshot via Harlan Hill/Twitter]
Harlan Hill attacks Kamala Harris
[Screenshot via Harlan Hill/Twitter]
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