Hannity: I Don't Need to Give Chris Christie A Platform Because No One Likes Him

Chris Christie ended his tenure as New Jersey's Governor as one of the most unpopular lawmakers in recent memory. Still, he felt the need to run for the Republican nomination in 2016. While he certainly ran a feisty campaign, GOP voters did not seem all that interested in him. 

The former Trump aide is running again in 2024. This time, his plan is to try and take out Donald Trump. His poll numbers again show that people aren't interested. And for that reason, Sean Hannity says he won't give him a platform. 

The Fox host said during a recent broadcast, "But I’m looking at Chris Christie, he left office as governor of New Jersey, 13% approval rating, 14% in another poll, and I’m looking at this and I’m saying, okay, you’re only getting in this race ’cause you hate Donald Trump and want to bludgeon Donald Trump."

Hannity continued, "I don’t see Chris Christie actually wanting to run and win the nomination. He views it as his role to be the enforcer and to attack Trump. You know what? That’s not a very inspiring agenda and I don’t even know if I’m interested in facilitating or listening to him babble on when he left office with nobody in New Jersey even liking him."

You can watch a clip of the segment here