Hannity and Carlson Launch Attacks on Dr. Anthony Fauci

While Dr. Anthony Fauci has long been known in Washington DC circles, he recently become known to the general public. The renowned immunologist became a soothing and informational part of Donald Trump’s often madcap press conferences.

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

And America fell in love with the Doctor. Polls showed that they trusted Fauci significantly more than the President. Fox News, however, would like that love affair to end. Multiple Fox anchors, including Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson attacked Fauci during their Tuesday night broadcasts.

Carlson claimed that the Doctor is on a power trip. He told his viewers, “This is not the result of any kind of democratic process at work at all. Yet, in the last four months, Dr. Fauci has become one of the most powerful people in the world. Some, particularly in our media and in our Democratic establishment, are clamoring to give Dr. Fauci even more power. Why? Some people think that he should be dictator for the duration of this crisis.”

Sean Hannity also had plenty of criticism for the immunologist. The host ranted, “The left is now waging a non-stop campaign of fear, hysteria, despite declining Covid-19 infectious rates, hospitalizations, deaths, well, Democrats, the mob and the media, they seem to want to keep this country locked down indefinitely. Dr. Anthony Fauci also seems to favor with the Democrats want. And that is massive restrictions with no end in sight.”

Fauci actually responded to these claims on Tuesday when they were levied by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. “I’m a scientist, a physician and a public health official. I give advice, according to the best scientific evidence, the Doctor said. “I don’t give advice about economic things.”

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