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Hank Kunneman Thinks History Will Commend Him for Pushing Donald Trump’s Big Lie

Hank Kunneman Thinks History Will Commend Him for Pushing Donald Trump’s Big Lie

Right-wing “prophet” and conspiracy peddler Hank Kunneman of Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha, Nebraska proclaimed during his Sunday sermon that future historians will gush over his wrong prediction that former President Donald Trump won the 2020 election and that God (whenever he feels like getting around to it) will reinstate him.


Kunneman posited and answered a series of questions that he imagined people asking him about his loyalty to Trump’s big lie.

“‘Well pastor you know what they’re going to say about you?’ And I could care less. May I be written in the history books of this nation that there was a man who stood,” Kunneman said.

“‘Well pastor, but you’re wrong! The president is not in power. You prophesied he would win.’ He did. Why do you think they’re now trying to shut down the audits? Why do you need to shut down the audits if you’re so convinced that 46 who does not exist is actually the one?'” the pastor continued, referring to last November’s victor President Joe Biden.

“‘Why do you need to censure and shut down and control social media through big tech if you’re so convinced that what happened was the truth?'” Kunneman added.

There is no constitutional method of reinstating a commander in chief who lost a legitimate election, and there is zero chance that any of Kunneman’s delusions will ever manifest.

But the lies – which make him millions of dollars a year – are more profitable than the truth.

In reality, Kunneman’s allegiance to his dogmatic and doomed-to-fail prediction dominos are what will most likely be remembered, mocked, and scorned – just like they are today by rational-minded individuals with minimal critical thinking skills.

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