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Hank Kunneman Says Anyone Who Questions His Defense of the ‘Big Lie’ Is Offending God

Hank Kunneman Says Anyone Who Questions His Defense of the ‘Big Lie’ Is Offending God

Right-wing pastor and conspiracy theorist Hank Kunneman claimed on the Elijah Streams YouTube Channel on Tuesday that anyone who doubts his demonstrably false proclamations that the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump is “grievous to God” and that eventually his false prophecies will be divinely vindicated.

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“And so we have to understand even though we’ve got four months that’s going to finish up this year, [and] God has a certain thing that he is poised to do, and he is doing. So don’t give up. Don’t think that the year is coming to a close and we aren’t going to see the hand of God. No, it’s going to continue, and it’s going to be revealed in 2022. In fact, the spirit of the Lord prophesied about 2022, and he said this, he said, ‘2020 is the year we are to believe the prophets and believe that God has spoken so that we would be established, believe as prophets you will prosper,'” said Kunneman.

“Well, guess what. They put masks on everybody’s mouths, shutdowns, and the media came out with the election which God prophesied through this vessel here, that on August 16th that they would, you know, steal the election,” he continued. “I’ve shared that here on Elijah Streams, I’ve shared that on Flashpoint, okay? God said it would be a planned, chaotic thing to steal the election. That’s August 16th of 2020, so God knew ahead of time that they were gonna do this.”

Indeed there was a “planned, chaotic thing” – the insurrection at the United States Capitol on January 6th.

“So anybody out there, if you are saying the election wasn’t stolen, that it’s the big 45 lie, you need to absolutely get a clue,” Kunneman said. “You really do. You’re wanting to not believe it on purpose and that is grievous to God because God already said ahead of time this is what they’re gonna do.”

Later in the conversation, Kunneman said that whatever he hears God saying is definitely going to happen but at some unknowable point in time.

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“There are some things – the way God operates is not subject to man’s events, calendars, expectations. Some things he’s looked at as the Alpha and the Omega, he’s looked at things by way of events. So that means it’s not subject to our opinion. It’s not subject to certain things, you know, being able to change it. It’s going to happen, and there’s certain things that need to play out,” he said. “And what God’s doing is testing us to see really who is on the Lord’s side right now.”

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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